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Help us be the change that moves us forward and preserves the spirt of humanity born in creativity, curiosity, and integrity.



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Augment the spirit of humanity with technology

Paradigm Shift augments and streamlines current Information System (IS) processes and workflows. To this endeavor, we avoid substitution and replacement of the client’s established technology infrastructure in favor of new digital tools that seamlessly integrate into day-to-day operations to transform the business model, disrupt industry competition, and motivate company culture towards industry accepted innovations. Rising to meet global demands in emerging startup markets, Paradigm shift acts as the change agent facilitating digital transformation from within a company’s culture and along their value proposition.

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Team​ Leaders​

Ësther Hiamang
Esther Hiamang​
CEO and Visionary Leader​
Martin N. Gregersen
Martin Nørgaard Gregersen​​
CTO and Intrepid Pioneer​

There is an existential need to safeguard our future for the next three generations and thereafter. More importantly, for the ones who risk losing the spirit of their humanity in a completely digital world.

We have an obligation to weave the freedom of a purpose-driven lifestyle into technological solutions so that one day when our children’s children’s children are looking for what makes them real, what makes them different and at their core, a human being, they will find at the heart of the digital solutions we have built.